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    Due to the mild climate in Spain, the building regulations allow quite a wide range of quality levels when it comes to internal and external finishing. Quality ranges you are not always aware of when you visit a property. According to the building regulations there is no obligation to install double glazing, insulated external walls and roof, or install a heating system etc., etc. Not to mention the whole subject of sound proofing in apartment blocks.

    It is therefore imperative to get professional advice, as opposed to opinion, before you decide on what to buy.

    The past 15 years have seen a considerable improvement in quality levels in general, simply due to an increasingly demanding clientele from Northern Europe. At the same time, though, it can also be noted, that building regulations regarding the load carrying structure, sound proofing and provision of modern time pre-installations for telecommunication have been considerably improved. But far from all developers meet these.

    Hence there is still quite a wide variety of building quality on the market.

    WissGar Estates offer only carefully selected, high quality projects when it comes to newly completed properties or off-plan properties.

    On the resale market their is obviously a wide spread offer of age and, subsequently, quality of properties. We reassure ourselves that there is a healthy price/quality relationship before we recommend a property to our clients.