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About Us

WissGar Estates is owned and run by Finn Wissenberg and Ana García, partners in life and profession.

Finn Wissenberg

Finn Wissenberg

Founder and owner

Finn Wissenberg, a Danish national with a professional background as a Consulting Engineer in Denmark and elsewhere (Holding furthermore the European title of EUR.ING. and recognised as a Civil Engineer in Spain), has lived and worked with the construction industry and the buying and selling of properties on the Costa del Sol since 1987; hence his vast experience in evaluating the building quality and spotting the property that could be your dream home under the sun.

Ana García

Ana García

Founder and owner

Ana García, a Spanish national, born and raised in Andalusia, has worked in the real estate industry on the Costa del Sol, both as a sales consultant and as an interior decoration consultant more than 10 years.
Property investment is always an important decision, so apart from making sure that you get the right type, size and location for the property you want, you must also feel assured that your investment is a healthy one, not least in the long run.

Our commitment

We only want happy clients. Happy clients now is our doorway to future clients.
Our involvement in each client and their needs is of such importance that our work has become our style of life.
With time, many of our clients have also become part of our private life.
We understand the magnitude and hence the importance of the decision to acquire a property in a foreign country, and we keep that in mind at all times whilst performing work and giving advice to our clients.
Inconsistency is a luxury we can’t afford and that is reflected in our dedication to each and everyone of our clients.

Our Products

Due to the mild climate in Spain, the building regulations allow quite a wide range of quality levels when it comes to internal and external finishing. Quality ranges you are not always aware of when you visit a property. According to the building regulations there is no obligation to install double glazing, insulated external walls and roof, or install a heating system etc., etc. Not to mention the whole subject of sound proofing in apartment blocks.

It is therefore imperative to get professional advice, as opposed to opinion, before you decide on what to buy.
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Our Area

Our priority area of focus stretches from Benalmadena to Estepona, with the main focus on Marbella and surrounding areas.

It is here we spend a good deal of our time and effort to maintain an unmatched insight into the products and projects available at any given time.

Market access:
WissGar Estates has access to all properties available on the market
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